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Variator J.Costa PRO for C-One & RC-One crankcase

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    Features of JCosta PRO Drive for MHR C-One & RC-One Crankcase

    From the track to your hands

    Maximum performance

    More durable, more adjustable

    Specially designed for MHR C-One & RC-One crankcases

    With the J.Costa PRO variator for MHR C-One and RC-One engines you will get maximum performance from your racing scooter.
    Manufactured with the best materials and processes on the market, the J.Costa variator gives the rider a precise feel and unprecedented power management.

    Thanks to its design and technology, the J.Costa speed control is able to work in the optimal engine speed range and reach them faster than any other speed control on the market.


    What is included in the J.Costa drive for MHR C-One & RC-One?

    Inside the box of your new J.Costa PRO variator for MHR C-One & RC-One you will find:

    • CNC machined variator body with ceramic treatment. This gives the variator greater resistance to high temperatures and superior durability.

    • Copper alloy bushing with graphite inserts. Thanks to this combination, the variator is dry lubricated and allows it to be always at its optimum operating point (do not add grease or lubricants).

    • DLC treated slider. The DLC or "Diamond-Like Carbon" treatment gives our slider a high hardness, high wear resistance and very low friction values, allowing the variator to rotate without oscillations at all times.

    • Two sets of plastic composite rollers with carbon fiber and kevlar. It will allow you to adjust the variator to the needs of your engine and increase the durability of these thanks to the manufacturing technology.

      Tested Pre-Set: 5g for 70cc engines / 6,5g for 100cc engines

    • Stainless steel bell. Cold pressed with the ideal geometry for the operation of the variator with the MHR C-One and RC-One thermal units.

    • Aluminum crankshaft stops. Includes 2 aluminum bumpers to ensure proper operation of the variator and Bendix suppression.

    • Adjustment washers. Allows you to adjust the variator operation according to the crankshaft installed on your scooter. 

    Engines compatible with the J.Costa Variator

    MHR C-ONE and RC-ONE crankcases, OCTOPUNTO crankcases, Piaggio 2T 50cc and 70cc crankcases

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