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Variator for Piaggio 50cc 2 Strokes

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    Features of JCosta variator PRO for Piaggio 50cc 2 Strokes

    Complete variator kit for scooter consisting of variator body, bell, bushing, slider and rollers. It is recommended that the assembly is done by professionals to ensure proper operation.

    With the variator for Piaggio de 50cc (2 Strokes) JCosta PRO you will achive:

    • Smoother running.

    • Better aerodynamics.

    • Weight reduction (inertial control).

    • Lower temperature inside the variator, thanks to its revolutionary design with heatsink.

    • Higher quality of all the variator components, thus increasing its durability and lower maintenance.

    As a result, we will get:

    • Faster performance.

    • A greater reaction to the Gas Fist, thanks to the Roller Pressure-Depression effect.

    • A reduction in fuel consumption.

    This variator kit includes a set of 5 rollers of different weights so you can adjust the variator according to the desired performance or other components installed on your scooter. The additional rollers should be intercalated with those provided with the variator to ensure that the variator is balanced.

    Compatible models with variator for Piaggio de 50cc

    PIAGGIODIESIS 50cc, FLY 2T 50cc, FREE 50cc, FREE FL/FL2 50cc, LIBERTY 2T 50cc, LIBERTY RST 2T 50cc, NRG EXTREME 50cc, NRG EXTREME MC2 50cc, NRG MC3 50cc, NRG POWER 50cc, NTT 50cc, QUARTZ 50cc, SFERA - SFERA MAQUILLAGE 2 50cc, SFERA FL RST 50cc, VESPA ET2 50cc, VESPA LX 2T 50cc, ZIP BASE 50cc, ZIP CATALYSED 50cc, ZIP FAST RIDER 50cc, ZIP RST - ZIP RST DISCO 50cc, ZIP SP 50cc
    DERBIATLANTIS 50cc, GP1 50cc
    GILERADNA 50cc, ICE 50cc, RUNNER 50cc, RUNNER SP 50cc, RUNNER FL/POGGIALI 50cc, STALKER 50cc, STORM 50cc, TYPHON X 50cc, TYPHON XR 50cc, TYPHOON 50cc
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