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Variator for Piaggio Liberty 125 & 150

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    Features of JCosta PRO variator for Piaggio Liberty 125cc & 150cc

    Increase top speed

    Increase acceleration

    Reduce fuel consumption

    Benefits of the variator for Piaggio Liberty 125

    With the  variator for Piaggio Liberty 125 and 150 by JCosta, you will increase the performance of your scooter without sacrificing the reliability of its components.

    Improve the performance of your motorcycle by optimizing the transmission system and always have the full power of the engine available.

    You will obtain an increase in top speed, along with greater acceleration. Thanks to the optimization work of the CVT system, we get that consumption is reduced by taking advantage of all the power generated by the engine.

    Don't let them tell you! Start now to improve the performance of your scooter.


    Content of the variator for Piaggio Liberty

    Complete variator kit for scooter consisting of variator body, bell, bushing, slider and masses.

    It is recommended that the assembly is done by professionals to ensure proper operation.

    This kit includes 2 sets of masses for adjustment according to displacement.


    1. 11g rollers: For 125cc engine.

    2. 12g rollers: For 150cc engine.

    Why install a JCosta speed variator on your Piaggio Liberty 125 or 150?

    With the variator for Piaggio 125cc and 150cc JCosta PRO you will achieve:

    • - Smoother running

    • - Better aerodynamics.

    • - Weight reduction (inertial control).

    • - Lower temperature inside the variator, thanks to its revolutionary design with heatsink.

    • - Higher quality of all the variator components, thus increasing its durability and lower maintenance.

    As a result, we will get:

    • - Faster performance.

    • - A greater reaction to the Gas Fist, thanks to the Roller Pressure-Depression effect.

    • - A reduction in fuel consumption.

    Compatible models with variator for Piaggio 125cc & 150cc

    Motorcycles from 2016 onwards. See table of compatible models.

    PIAGGIOLIBERTY 3V 125 ie 4T EURO 3, LIBERTY iGet ABS 125 ie 4T EURO 3 (MB893M),  LIBERTY iGet ABS 125 ie 4T EURO 4 (>2017), LIBERTY iGet ABS 150 ie 4T EURO 3, LIBERTY iGet 150 ie 4T EURO 4 (>2017), LIBERTY S iGet 125 ie 4T EURO 4 (>2017), LIBERTY S iGet 150 ie 4T EURO 4 (>2017), VESPA PRIMAVERA 3V 125 ie 4T EURO 3 (>2014) (M811M), VESPA PRIMAVERA iGet 125 ie 4T EURO 4 (>2016), VESPA SPRINT 3V 125 ie 4T EURO 3 (2014-15), VESPA SPRINT iGet 125 ie 4T EURO 4 (>2016) (MA13M), LIBERTY 125 iGet EURO 5
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